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The RealReal

The RealReal Expanded Through Their Online Store

Our Role

The RealReal is the fastest growing luxury consignment online retailer. Their clients send them high value fashion items which are then appraised, stocked, and then listed for sale. Once the items are sold, the client receives up to 70% of the sale price.

Utilized Expertise
  • Develop online store built upon Spree
  • Customize to expand for needed functionality
  • Add SOLR integration
  • Optimize Spree visual storytelling
  • Add customized shipping features
  • Customize backend for customer service business processes

Due to the unique nature of the business, there are huge peaks of traffic around certain items and specific promotions. The RealReal needed a solution that could offer superior performance with a highly configurable hosting environment. There were a range of requirements that are also unique to the consignment business model from logistics, customer service and on-site search. Given the fashion focus for their business, a strong CMS was also needed to support the demands of visual storytelling.


A tailored solution that matched the very unique nature of The RealReal’s business operations was created. The solution included a CMS that provided content tools to support the high storytelling demands of Fashion retailing.
Spree’s modular design provided a scalability that allowed the solution to grow with the company while it’s modern architecture ensures supporting high transaction volumes. Spree’s visual storytelling were optimized resulting in an improved look and run smoother for a company that relies on their ability to show off the product in the best way to make the sale. A SOLR integration was added to provide for faceted navigation, drill down, and full text search to solve complex search needs. Customized shipping features were added to support the consignment business model and to simplify shipping products between warehouses. The solution’s backend was optimized to follow the unique customer service business processes.
The solution met the challenge The RealReal’s unique and quickly scaling business presented enabling them to grow to a $50m+ annual sales business. They are able to offer highly popular flash sales without concern about site performance. They can show their products off better with a more effective visual storytelling system and focus more on the presentation of the product they are selling.