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Chipotle Easily Expanded Innovative Business Model

Our Role

Since the launch of Chipotle in 1993, Steve Ells strategy has always been the same, take a fresh approach to quickly preparing healthy great tasting Mexican food. Chipotle continues to impress its customers with fresh organic ingredients that help sustain the environment as well as their customers health and have expanded this business model to include apparel originating from organic farming suppliers.

Utilized Expertise
  • Develop online store built upon Spree
  • Added Spree extensions to expand functionality

Chipotle wanted to create a B2B site utilized by store managers to order uniforms for new store openings within a four month timeline. The site needed to streamline employee web orders and special orders such as bundles of products for college events.
After successful completion of the B2B site, Chipotle then requested a B2C online store to sell organically grown clothing and other brand products to the public. The B2C store needed to have the ability to consistently handle thousands of orders a day as well as handle large traffic spikes.
Both sites needed to be visually appealing as well as simple and effective with no downtime for users.


lged the many out-of-the-box aspects of Spree, to meet the deadline of 4 months time to market developing a quality modular store built to sell products via a visual storytelling experience. The added benefits of building the store upon Spree allowed utilization of the vast library of Spree extensions to further customise the store to meet the requirements.
The team at Railsdog delivered the product on time and within budget.