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Aloha Applied Values To Online Store

Our Role

Aloha strives to make health and happiness available to everyone by providing simple, high quality nutritional products. Aloha desires to be socially and ecologically responsible while maintaining their values of being committed to quality, dedicated to honesty, inspired by design, and strive for simplicity.

Utilized Expertise
  • Develop online store built upon Spree
  • Added Spree extensions to expand functionality

Create an E-commerce store selling products through visual storytelling seamlessly blending content and Ecommerce. The store needed to have a one-of-a-kind online Ecommerce experience that combined great product storytelling and strong brand image. The design of the resulting system supporting the store needed to have a design as smooth and fast as the Spree engine upon which the store was built. The store needed to consist of agile pages with a one page streamlined and simple checkout. Checkouts required a subscription based process that fulfilled a customer’s product every month.
The store needed to allow the team at Aloha to focus more on the brand and the product they are selling rather than the technical limitations of their store. The store also needed to allow the customers of Aloha absorb the rich detail of the products they are consuming, learn more about nutrition and living a healthy lifestyle as well as feel visually enriched by the experience to make them come back time and time again.


The flexible front-end architecture of Spree allowed the designers to have free range over the visual experience and page flow. A system was developed that had a state of the art Content Management System (CMS) on top of Spree that allowed limitless design and content updates. The CMS provided the ability to publish rich images, expert testimonials, and an ingredients list with luminous images for each ingredient. An order management system and product fulfillment implementation were developed and added that successfully supported the required subscription based checkout.